This is Dale

Dale travels for food. Yes, we do have food at home, but apparently not enough….or enough variety. No matter where we are, he loves to tell the chef, “just prepare what you want me to eat”. (He’ll eat anything…almost) Oh, and as a nature lover, he’s also all about the flora and fauna. No telling where we’re going to stop to check out the plants!

A few of Dale’s favorites….
Sorrento and the Scottish Highlands for the scenery
Normandy and Blenheim Palace for history
Bath and the Cotswolds in England for hiking Brittany, France for the seafood


This is Candy

Candy travels for the art, the architecture, awesome scenery.  She loves to visit the museums and art galleries.  Walking the neighborhoods and city streets and photographing a detail on a wrought iron gate or the statuary on a Duomo provides inspiration for paintings (a new hobby). And shopping. Oh, yes. The shopping.

A few of Candy’s favorites
Austria for the scenery and Christmas markets
Ireland for the music and heritage
Florence and Rome for the art and architecture
Dordogne, France for the caves, the scenery and the castles


We love to travel. Frankly, it’s not even all that important where we go. Wherever, we know we will meet new friends, have new adventures, end up with new stories and memories.


Come on board (Dale’s favorite phrase since cruise ships are his favorite mode of transportation!).  Join the Patchett People community on our adventures and share your stories with us.