Queen Mary’s Captain Wells holds a cocktail reception for everyone aboard and later in the week, if you travel Cunard often enough, you get invited to a special reception with Capt. Wells and the Queen’s executive staff (which means we get to meet the chef!!). While it’s very nice to be included, for me, the best part is the captain’s talk where he tells us about who is aboard this crossing.


We have learned that on this trip, the ship is full, which means there are 2,6956 passengers and 1,292 staff. Capt. Wells tell us that the passengers are from 36 different countries on this crossing. A very diverse group, though the vast majority are from the USA and Great Britain. The staff are even more diverse, representing 58 different countries.


One man on board with us this week from New York, has done 130 voyages with Cunard, spending 877 days on board. But he gets beat out by the lady from Massachusetts that has spent 1160 days on board. She still isn’t the winner. On this trip, that goes to the lady from Japan who has not missed a world cruise by Cunard since her first in 1980. She has spent 1489 days on board Cunard vessels! But we have been on crossings in the past where even she gets beat out by passengers who have traveled with this line far more than she has! It’s really incredible how much time some people have spent sailing the seas. We have no hope of catching up!


But there is another VIP aboard. The Queen Mary 2 is the only cruise ship that has a kennel. (Yes, someday we may even bring Cassie with us!) So, in addition to the 2- legged guests, we are transporting to Europe 17 dogs and 3 cats. (The captain hopes they are getting along!) And among that group is Olla, a 6-year-old Shih Tzu from Canada who is making his/her ninth transatlantic crossing. A very well-traveled pet!


A wide-ranging group of people, indeed.