Dale retired this year. He has gifted himself an amazing trip. And I get to tag along! How great is that!!


We’re flying to New York City, hanging out for a day there, then boarding Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 bound for Southampton, England. (We’ve been on this particular Queen a few times, so it’s like a homecoming.) When we arrive in Southampton in the morning, we stay on board, because that afternoon we sail with her to Norway for a week of viewing the fjords. That has soooo been on my bucket list! On our return from Norway, we move to the Queen Elizabeth for a week. She’s taking us to France, Spain and the Guernsey Islands.

Then we have a 5-day break. We’re going to spend it in Midgham, England because it’s close to Highclere Castle. You know, that’s where they made Downton Abbey, and I have booked myself a treat—a special tour of the castle. Again..a check off my bucket list. We’ll also be doing some hiking. We have enjoyed the English country walks before and are looking forward to more.


After our land hiatus, we board the Queen Victoria for the Baltic Sea and will have made it onto all three of the Cunard Queens! Highlight of this 2-week voyage (for us anyway) will be two days in St. Petersburg, Russia. Having visited the country when it was still the Soviet Union, our one regret was not getting to go to the city of the Hermitage, which in those days was known as Leningrad. One more check off the list!!


After the Baltic we have 16 land days. We plan to spend them touring and walking in England, visiting Bruges and Amsterdam, as well as getting together with family before we board Holland America’s Rotterdam (in Rotterdam J) for a 19-day journey home with stops in Scotland, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland and Canada before dumping us out in Boston. I say “dumping us out” because I can envision being too exhausted to move on my own!


So there you have it. The beginning of the current journey as we begin this new website. Thank you for joining us. We’ll keep you posted!